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At what age should I start using anti aging/anti wrinkle creams?

I'm 25 now and lately I've been thinking about starting a nightly routine of anti wrinkle / anti aging cream. Is it too soon or better to start now than when I actually have wrinkles? Also, what's the best product to use?

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11 Responses to “At what age should I start using anti aging/anti wrinkle creams?”

  1. americansugar80 says:

    35 – 40. 25 is yet too young! im only 27 and i havnet started thinking about them yet.

  2. FairLady says:

    30.. sun damage will manifest on this age, and is the no.1 cause for premature wrinkling.. anti-wrinkling creams are not enough..
    sunscreen should be part of a daily regimen..
    and arbonne has good anti-aging stuff.

  3. Muschi says:

    It’s never too early. The most important thing is sunscreen!
    Sun damage starts when you are exposed to the sun which is usually when you are a baby unless you’ve never been outside since.
    Don’t listen to the comments that wrinkles start when your 30+, because once they start it’s too late and it means you haven’t been taking care of yourself! You’ll thank me when you’re 35 and wrinkle free!

  4. ¼ MochaDrink says:

    I was watching the Tyra Banks show and there was a specialist and she said for maximum results people should start at birth.. but everyone is different start when you start noticing you’re skin aging (losing skin elasticity, brown spot, ect.) and the specialist also recommended olay regenerist is a good product… but she said just make sure to get a product with anti-oxidants =) good luck

  5. pug lover says:

    Preventative is always better than righting a wrong. the time to act is now. It is never too soon. I started at 15 cuz someone told me it was a better to start sooner than later. I like Avons solutions creams. I am 27 so they have some specific to our age. Also I like the skin products by Bare Minerals. Both are great!! U can find both on eBay. Cheaper too…..Just search Bare Minerals essentials skin cream in the search engine & Avon skin cream!!! =)

  6. sg says:

    I like the Oil o’lay products. Clinique is good too and Body Shop has some Vitamin E creams that I like.

  7. animemadness says:

    You don’t have to start using the anti-wrinkle creams just yet but just plain moisturizing of the face along the common wrinkle lines from any age will help you alot and the ones with sun protection in are brill too!
    Anyway i swear all those anti-wrinkle things are a rip off and don’t work anyway!

  8. Mysterii Grl says:

    well dermatologists say we should use them around mid twenties so i think u can go ahead. but i’d personally say that u dont use it if u dont look old. take good diet , moisturise well n use them after 35 or so. mymum hasnt used them ever n she’s gorgeous n 45

  9. MK Diva says:

    I am 23 and I have already started to use anti-aging solutions. I don’t have any wrinkles, but I use it to prevent, because it is easier to prevent them than to get rid of them. I use Mary Kay for my face and I love it. I use the timewise skin care line and than use the firming eye cream and night solution at night. I also use an spf 25 sunblock during the day under my mosturizer. I also use mineral powder instead of regular foundation because it is a lot better for your skin and helps keep it young. Even though I don’t have any wrinkles I have noticed that my skin is a little tighter since I have been using these products, my cheek-bones seem rounder and the skin around my eyes is a lot firmer. I hope I have helped.

  10. Angela says:

    If you are looking for home remedy to reduce wrinkles, try this.
    Smear honey on your face and leave it for as long as possible (but 5-10mins a day will do). then rinse off with tepid water mixed with a teaspoon of cider vinegar – this has a neutral pH and will act as a toner.

    And if you have some bucks, Lifecell anti wrinkle cream would be a good choice. You can have more information here.

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